Lessons On Success

Success is different for everyone, but the key components are the same. Whether you want fame and fortune or a comfortable, simple lifestyle, success means the right attitude and the right way forward.

Into the Mind of a Killer by Aubrey Durkin

Into the Mind of a Killer: A Diagnostic Battery of Charles Manson - Aubrey Durkin

Be a Success Lesson 1

Everyone in this world wants to achieve. It's a natural human tendency possibly best represented by Maslow's hierarchy of needs. Many are satisfied with food, clothing and shelter. Many more strive for relationships, material gain, and status. Everyone measures success differently. A small percentage of people achieve all of the aforementioned things and move on to self-actualization. This level of achievement is marked by fulfilling your full potential.

So what makes a person successful? Is it what American society perceives as success? Is it a status? Or is it as simple as personal satisfaction? Does it even matter what others perceive about your achievement or is your own happiness enough? Whatever the case, achieving that point of success has a common variable or two. Attaining success, outside of pure luck or the proper connections, requires that you do and think a certain way.

Have you heard of "The Secret?" In a nutshell, it outlines how like attracts like. If you think positive things will happen, you attract them. The same things goes for negative things. So if you keep a positive mindset, good things are supposed to happen, right?

Let's focus on the negative things and how thinking nothing good will happen to you becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. Have you ever seen the poor fool who seems to have the worst luck? Is he the happy, positive sort? Or is he gloomy and negative? Think about that for a moment.

Now think of the person who seems to have a nothing but a lucky streak. Nothing goes wrong for him. He's always positive and confident things go his way.

Most of us fall somewhere in between. But the takeaway is that if you think bad things will happen, or at the very least, nothing good will happen, you attract bad and deflect good. Your mindset has a huge impact on not only attracting what you want but also in subconsciously engaging in self-defeating behaviors. It takes practice but I dare you to go ahead and be positive. See the good things you want coming to you. Make it a habit to think that way and just see what happens.